Surf Story 2010 - Scottburgh

Wednesday, February 2, 2011
In the April holidays of 2010, I was lucky to paddle out at a semi secret localized spot for my first time even though it wasn't quite doing it's thing - was still heavy.

I also got waves at Back beach and and surf'd the heaviest Close-out bank at main beach; Not much size, just power and beauty.

In the long July holiday and I was stunned how good main beach can actually get. Perfect waves of point running for hundreds of meters in one cylindrical shape, no matter what size and what wind was blowing.

During the September holiday's, the inside bowl went absolutely mad. The occasional wedge or backwash coming through every now and then also added tons more excitement.

And now, this November holidays so far 'welcomed' me with 1ft mush and pumping onshores. Things changed quickly and had a few good days, considering it's summer. Had some good fun on the load tides, behind point.

The last day of 2010, I was lucky to score almost by myself some fun hollow Backbeach barrels. What a great way to end 2010.

Lets wait and see what the rest of 2011 have for us!

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