The Linux Project v1 - Ubuntu 11.04

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Not all operating systems is as expensive as Windows and Mac - in fact, you get a wide variety of Operating Systems which is absolutely FREE. These operating systems are known as Linux.

Yes, not all Linux operating systems are stable and they might not be very productive if you are a hardcore PC gamer or Architect. But if you are into Graphics designing, Programming, Music or just a regular office user, Linux might be the best operating system that you can find!

Now, Linux is not an operating system as such, it's more of a base for developers, to use, to create their own Linux 'design' and then redistribute it - Known as Open Source. Well known Linux operating systems are Ubuntu, OpenSuse, Slackware and Fedora.

I've personally been quite afraid of running Linux, as from all the things I've heard and apparently how complicated it gets.

But on Sunday the 24th of July, I just had a craving for something new. Hence, Windows 7 just didn't do it for me anymore. Not that it is not good, just had a craving for something new. So I backed up my documents, downloaded Ubuntu 11.04, burned the ISO to disk and then for the dare - I formated my Windows 7 partition - No Dual Booting for me, I'm keeping Linux as my main operating system. :)

Ubuntu Download page

It took a fair 45minutes for installation, which really is very, very simple and soon after I was able to start exploring the OS.
It takes some time to adapt, but goes for anything new in life.

I started off by launching Firefox and started browsing, accessing my emails and installing plug-ins such as Flash Player.

Then I was a little stuck with the decision, which media player I should install, since I'm used to Media Player Classic, which doesn't support Linux, I figured that I can't go wrong with the infamous VLC Player, which is fully supported by Linux.

It already comes bundled with Open Source office software , called LibeOffice, which directly replaces Microsoft applications like Word, Excel, PowerPoint etc. I found these applications to be almost clones of the Microsoft Office Suite.

It comes bundled with a CD Burner, called Brasero Disk Burner. Tested it, with burning an .ISO to DVD and worked perfectly, without any hassles.

Skype has also developed a Linux version of their popular VOIP software and it works like a charm. The interface is slightly different to the Windows and Mac Version, but it really shouldn't be a problem figuring out. My webcam, which is a Logitech C250 worked instantly, all I had to do was change the microphone settings.

Ubuntu also has Banshee Media Player preinstalled, which I can safely say, is very similar to Apple's iTunes Media Player. Banshee, along with Amarok, has to be the best Linux compatible Music players out there on the web. And best if all, it's free of course.

The Ubuntu developers Canonical Ltd. also made sure you can easily find software to download at your fingertips, through the Ubuntu Software Center. Finding a program has never been easier. I find it very similar to the Android Market, where any developer can host his/her software and share it with the open source world!

So why not download your copy of Ubuntu and give it a try. You have nothing to lose, as its free! You can always run it through a Virtual Machine such as Sun Virtual Box - which is also free or if you have commercial software like VMWare, use that. Or make use of the Live CD feature where you can run the whole operating system without installing it.

Download it here:


Make sure you comment and share your views on Ubuntu and other Open Source Linux software.


  1. The best thing about linux, has to be Startup times! Nothing beats it!

  2. I agree! Very fast! Shutdown is almost instant aswell!

  3. Sweet! I'm using a version of Ubuntu Linux for older 'puters called Xubuntu. It has rescued quite a few low-end hand-me-down 'puters from the landfill... my old Dell Dimension flies along faster than when it was new with the Xubuntu operating system! All the power of Ubuntu without the drain on resources. I'm a fanboi!

  4. gr8 review about the linux (ubuntu) operating system. i too use vlc as it is my favourite media player and supports a wide range of formats. fedora and ubuntu are my favourite os and also backtrack (useful for hackers). i m surprised to tell u that i hav used all the linux os'es listed above...slackware interfaces is the same as fedora..specially the KDE version. opensuse is best for networking. nice review by the way..keep it up! :) :D

  5. Nice :)

    Been using Ubuntu and Fedora myself for years now.

  6. Nice to see you took the time to try it out... Glad you liked it :)

  7. Nice article! I like how doesn't paint the picture that Linux is absolutely perfect for everyone and every purpose. It mentions that Linux is not the best for gamers but is very good for programmers. Something I like to see in all Linux articles. I personally use Kubuntu which, for those who don't know, is Ubuntu with the KDE desktop environment. Love it and I'm never going back to Windows!