Lotte World

Friday, April 13, 2012
The company, 'Lotte' is arguably one of Korea and Japan's largest shopping groups.
And I'm not surprised, this company which was started just before the Korean War, by a Korean Business man, in Japan (The Irony), has evolved into a 50 Billion Dollar corporation.
Not only do they own many Department stores around Korea and Japan, but they have their own Soda's, Finance Services, Hotels, Fast Foods, large shares in Oil company and of course, their own Amusement Park, known as Disneyland, I mean, Lotte World.
So for a "field trip", the whole Korean Language class from HUFS, went to Lotte World, as a trip, to relax after a stressful morning during our Mid-Term exams.

In the event, that our tickets to get into the Amusement park, was only valid after 16:00 (bear in mind that this place stays open till 23:00), we somehow had to keep ourselves busy till then. It started off at 13:00, when we all met each other for lunch. It was a rather cool and windy day in Seoul, so wasn't very pleasant to walk around. We still had to walk a fair distance to find a decent place to eat lunch - well after the wind literally destroyed all of us, we dived into the first franchise restaurant that we saw, in this case, it was Subway, as it's close to the train station, that we needed to take to get to the other side of Seoul.

After about 40 minutes on the train, after 2 transfers, we finally reached the destination. As we got out of the station, that strong wind hit us, this time from an unprotected direction - it certainly was the strongest wind I've felt in Seoul so far.

We arrived about one and a half hours before we could go in. Luckily, (well, which was mostly likely part of the school's plan) their was a Korean Folk Museum, showing Korean Evolution.

 Quite a few interesting figures that I looked at. 

Walking through that museum and experimenting with the camera killed enough time and before we knew it, it was 4pm.
I was finally handed my Lotte World amusement park ticket, which we all anticipated for.
When I looked at the ticked, my very first thought was: "I wonder when we will see a Lawsuit against Lotte from the Walt Disney Company.", because the logo's is pretty much identical.

Lotte World 
Walt Disney Logo

Clearly someone at Lotte was paid to use the Copy and paste button.......

Anyway, I was quite surprised by the size of the park, considering it's known for being the World's Largest Indoor Amusement Park.

The park also has an outdoor section, with a few larger rides, but since it was pretty much freezing cold, we didn't spend too much time outside.

One thing about this trip made me realize - Never in my life, will I moan about queues of rides. You haven't seen a queue yet, until you've came here!

Another small fact, even though it's years since the last time I was at Retanga Junction or Gold Reef City in South Africa, there is way more 'mature' rides than at Lotte World. Maybe because at Lotte clearly focus more on small children? I wouldn't know.

After about 10pm, I finally ventured back to my room. Was a well spent day.
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