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Thursday, September 6, 2012
6 Months have passed since I arrived to Korea. Yes, time flies this side of the world - or at least, thats what it feels like. And yes, I apologize, that I haven't posted anything in over 4 months. 

But lets quickly compare now, to then. 

When I first came to Korea, I felt lost, uncomfortable and it just didn't feel right. I was unsure, if I made the right decision to come to Korea or if I rather should have stayed in South Africa.

It wasn't only the huge language barrier that 'scared me', but more the "Culture Shock" of suddenly being in the huge city, with millions of similar looking people all very busy, trying to do their daily tasks and getting from point A to B and just to add, the fact that it was -8c when I arrived didn't help much either to get comfortable.

So, considering that I came from a quiet little coast surfing town where 3 cars in front of the robot (traffic lights) was considered busy, coming into Seoul was a big change in scenery!

But now, 6 months later, I can finally consider myself "streetwise" - and to top it off, in a country where the majority of people that you'll come in contact with in your everyday life, will know VERY little to NO english. But thankfully for that Korean classes (even though I'm still HORRIBLE in Korean Language) I can get around with my broken Korean, from ordering food, asking directions and most importantly "Where Is the bathroom?". I still just haven't managed to call McDonalds in to Deliver yet - and yes, they don't speak English. So from being unsure and feeling unsettled here in Korea, I can finally say that this is my second home.

More Coming up soon!

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