The First Semester

Wednesday, October 2, 2013
Just a short overview of the first semester. I will post more individual stories.

I arrived back in Korea end February, just before the University year began. It has been an amazing holiday back in South Africa - nothing beats seeing friends and family and eating South African food again.

As I arrived, it a cold, wet evening. And I couldn't even check in at my dorm-flat at the University. Instead, they booked me in at a guesthouse about 30mins west of the Uni. Was a tiny place, but at least I had a bed and internet.

The first few days was pretty much recovering from jet lag, getting used to the language again and getting into the lifestyle.

After staying at the guesthouse for about 7 days, finally went back towards the University area. Believe it or not, the surroundings is like nothing changed since I left, but the University was one big construction site.

I chose all my subjects for the first time. I only had 15 credits, which means I have 15 hours class every week. Around 5 subjects.

Starting class was great. I managed to meet many people and learn new things. The classes was fairly mind changing. My most influenced class was by far Economics 1. It literally changed my whole perception of how the world works -yet it all makes perfectly logical sense.

I ended the semester, passing all my subjects and receiving all my credits. :-)

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